Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Plum Tomatoes In Apple Cider Vinegar

Today I was cooking something very simple in my kitchen. My Holy Guardian Angel has had me consuming lots of tomatoes over the past month. One of the benefits of cooking with a heavenly creature is that they have a perspective on what your body needs. They are able to tailor your diet to suit what is happening inside your body. People who are not occultists are not able to cook with this kind of x-ray vision. My Holy Guardian Angel has been feeding me tomatoes for a couple of different reasons. Summer is here. Tomatoes contain lycopene which is a nutrient allowing the skin to withstand more sunlight. Tomatoes contain plenty of antioxidants. This helps lower the risk of cancer. 

This dish did not take a lot of ingredients. The flavor is very simple. It is good for somebody who is trying to lose weight. We have used a large quantity of apple cider vinegar. My food has been doused in this ingredient over the past few weeks. It has a very strong flavor which takes a bit of getting used to. It is not something which is excessively indulgent, but it is great for the body. Many people consume apple cider vinegar to reduce cellulite. Part of eating a vegan diet is learning how to appreciate the simple flavors of vegetables. 

  • 1 Cup of Canola Oil or whatever is available
  • 20 Plum Tomatoes cut in half
  • 2 Onions into 4 pieces
  • 10 Mushrooms cut in half
  • 1 Tablespoon of Crushed Red Chili Peppers
  • 1 Head of Garlic
  • 1 Cup of Apple Cider Vinegar

  1. Pour oil into the skillet and let it heat up.
  2. Put onions into the heated oil.
  3. Saute onions for 5 minutes.
  4. Add tomatoes.
  5. Allow the tomatoes and onions to simmer for about a half hour. 
  6. Strain the tomato mixture so the liquids will be reduced.
  7. Put the mixture back into the skillet.
  8. Allow the mixture to simmer for another 10 minutes.
  9. Add mushrooms, apple cider vinegar, and crushed red chili peppers.
  10. Let this simmer for another 10 minutes.
  11. Add whole garlic cloves which have been peeled. 
  12. Cook for another 10 minutes.
  13. Serve!

This dish was very healthful. I hope you enjoy trying it out. I ate it accompanied with a large glass of water. The vinegar flavor needs to be diluted as you eat.

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