Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Pan Seared Broccoli In Pineapple Coconut Sauce

Today my Holy Guardian Angel had me cooking another broccoli dish. This is a very simple recipe with just 4 ingredients. I recently went grocery shopping and decided to try out some different sauces. This recipe took a Carribean sauce and turned out quite nice. 


  • Broccoli
  • Walnuts, chopped in pieces
  • Grace's Pineapple Coconut Sensation Sauce 
  • Virgin Coconut Oil 

  1. My HGA instructed me to use some virgin coconut oil to cook the broccoli with. I pan fried it in an iron skillet browning it on the edges for about 15 minutes over medium heat while stirring occasionally. I cut the broccoli into larger florets. I cut it into 4 pieces.  
  2. Next I added 4 tablespoons of walnut pieces to the frying pan and let it cook for another 5 minutes. 
  3. Then I added 1/4 a bottle of Grace's Pineapple Coconut Sensation Sauce. I removed the pan from the heat and stirred in the sauce quickly. 
This recipe was very delicious and very simple. 

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Thai Style Broccoli

I went out to dinner the other night at a Thai restaurant. Tonight I have decided to do a Thai influenced vegan dish. I got my inspiration from a restaurant right around the corner. I ordered something which was very delicious, but I made something different. I am working with what I have in my kitchen. 

I cut a head of broccoli up into medium sized florets. Then I let it cook in olive oil for 15 minutes over medium heat. After it had cooked for a while I stirred it. I then added half a can of coconut milk and a jar of pineapple tidbits with the juice left in. This was cooked for 5 minutes on low heat. 

I turned up the heat again to high and let it simmer for 20 minutes. Midway through I added 4 mushrooms and 3 tablespoons of honey. Honey is considered vegan by some and not by others. I have not omitted honey form my diet, but do use other alternatives sometimes. Agave syrup is a good choice if you want a 100% vegan meal. I served this dish with dried coconut flakes sprinkled on top. 


  • Broccoli
  • 4 mushrooms
  • Half a can of coconut milk
  • 1 can of pineapple tidbits with juice
  • 3 tablespoons of honey
  • Dried coconut flakes 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Nutritional Yeast

Since becoming a vegan I have discovered nutritional yeast. This is very delicious. Frequently it is used as a cheese substitute. The delicious flavor of this product is not reflected in it's name even though it is very nutritious. This product is low in fat and makes a great source of protein. You can add the yellow colored flakes or powder to many dishes for an enhanced eating experience. One of my favorite ways to use nutritional yeast is to combine it with Mexican seasonings, oil, and stir fried vegetables. Mexican food frequently uses cheese. It is nice to find a way to simulate these flavors in a vegan friendly manner.

Nutritional yeast is not available at most grocery stores. I purchase mine at the local food co-op or Bulk Barn. There are some brands which add vitamin B12. A vegan diet typically lacks this vitamin. If you buy the Red Star label of nutritional yeast you will be able to get this vitamin into your diet. 

Nutritional yeast can be added to many dishes. You can sprinkle it on popcorn or add it to scrambled tofu to increase the flavor. There is a Parmesan substitute which can be made from nutritional yeast. Merely grind it together with almonds in your food processor.  

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Creative Smoothie Ideas

When making a smoothie soy milk might not always be available. I have a solution which works for me. Soy milk is not always inexpensive to have in our kitchens. Simplifying our diets and moving away from soy milk has many purposes. Soy is a controversial subject. It increases estrogen production in our bodies which can lead to certain types of cancer. Soy is also something many people are allergic to. It is not healthy to consume too much soy milk. I want to consume less soy milk merely because it is higher in calories than other choices. 

When I started out as a vegan I made smoothies with soy milk or other dairy alternatives all the time. Now I am a lot more creative and vary my morning nutritional boost in various ways. Tea is one way to get into herbalism. We can boost our health by drinking herbal teas. Mixing tea with our smoothies can make it healthier. You can tailor your smoothie to handle whatever health issues you are currently going through. 

I have been making large quantities of smoothies in the mornings. This fills me up so I will not feel hungry throughout the day. These blended beverages are a great way to get more fruit in your diet. The less sweetener and sugar added the better. I have been adding an Asian cereal product to my smoothies over the past couple of weeks. This mix is something I received as a gift. It is a yam and black sesame cereal powder for health. It is meant to be added to boiling water. I have been using it in my smoothies instead. This is has reduced the need for any sweetener. 

In my kitchen I have very little space. With rent being high in Toronto my apartment is very compact. I try to keep the dishes in my kitchen to a minimum few. When I make loose leaf tea I merely throw the leaves into a big plastic pitcher. I will boil the water in my tea kettle. Then I strain it out into the cup. The tea will become very dark which is the way I like it. 

Around the corner from my apartment is King West in Parkdale. I shop at a fruit stand which is managed by an Asian family. They have big baskets in their reduced section for only $1. This is one way I can get lots of vegetables in my diet. I buy baskets of bananas which are ripe and throw them into the freezer. There are also big baskets of berries for sale for only $1. These go into the freezer as well. Eating healthy need not be very expensive. 

This morning I mixed my yam and black sesame cereal mix with bananas and blackberries which came out of my freezer. It is easy to load the freezer up with these items for only $10. These groceries can last a couple of weeks I used leftover tea as a base. Last night I made some strawberry coconut puerh tea. I poured a full pitcher of boiling water which couldn't be finished last night. This morning I used this tea for my smoothie. It turned out wonderfully well. I hope this gives you some ideas which will help you be more creative with blended beverages. 

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Plum Tomatoes In Apple Cider Vinegar

Today I was cooking something very simple in my kitchen. My Holy Guardian Angel has had me consuming lots of tomatoes over the past month. One of the benefits of cooking with a heavenly creature is that they have a perspective on what your body needs. They are able to tailor your diet to suit what is happening inside your body. People who are not occultists are not able to cook with this kind of x-ray vision. My Holy Guardian Angel has been feeding me tomatoes for a couple of different reasons. Summer is here. Tomatoes contain lycopene which is a nutrient allowing the skin to withstand more sunlight. Tomatoes contain plenty of antioxidants. This helps lower the risk of cancer. 

This dish did not take a lot of ingredients. The flavor is very simple. It is good for somebody who is trying to lose weight. We have used a large quantity of apple cider vinegar. My food has been doused in this ingredient over the past few weeks. It has a very strong flavor which takes a bit of getting used to. It is not something which is excessively indulgent, but it is great for the body. Many people consume apple cider vinegar to reduce cellulite. Part of eating a vegan diet is learning how to appreciate the simple flavors of vegetables. 

  • 1 Cup of Canola Oil or whatever is available
  • 20 Plum Tomatoes cut in half
  • 2 Onions into 4 pieces
  • 10 Mushrooms cut in half
  • 1 Tablespoon of Crushed Red Chili Peppers
  • 1 Head of Garlic
  • 1 Cup of Apple Cider Vinegar

  1. Pour oil into the skillet and let it heat up.
  2. Put onions into the heated oil.
  3. Saute onions for 5 minutes.
  4. Add tomatoes.
  5. Allow the tomatoes and onions to simmer for about a half hour. 
  6. Strain the tomato mixture so the liquids will be reduced.
  7. Put the mixture back into the skillet.
  8. Allow the mixture to simmer for another 10 minutes.
  9. Add mushrooms, apple cider vinegar, and crushed red chili peppers.
  10. Let this simmer for another 10 minutes.
  11. Add whole garlic cloves which have been peeled. 
  12. Cook for another 10 minutes.
  13. Serve!

This dish was very healthful. I hope you enjoy trying it out. I ate it accompanied with a large glass of water. The vinegar flavor needs to be diluted as you eat.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Grilled Coconut – This Fijian Treat Is Simple To Make

For vegans having a barbeque is more of a challenge. Meat is the essential barbeque food. Summer is a perfect time to enjoy outdoor cooking. There are a wide variety of meat alternatives on the market to consume. The following link gives us another excellent idea. In Fiji there is a custom of consuming grilled coconuts. If you are like me you may be suspicious of processed foods. I do love many of the meat alternatives, but I try to consume them sparingly. Many vegetables can be cooked on the barbeque. Grilling a coconut on the barbeque is a great way to celebrate summer weather.

Here is a link to the article I found online:

Grilled Coconut – This Fijian Treat Is Simple To Make