Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Fasting For Spring Equinox

I am currently in Montreal for an art exhibition. I have been staying here for the past 3 nights. Tomorrow morning I return to Toronto. I have been fasting for the Spring Equinox. For 3 years in a row I have conducted a fast before the start of the solar year. I will tell you about my experiences as they occur. I have stopped eating solid foods as of lunch yesterday. I am still consuming liquids. Coffee is still being consumed, though many people would think this is a bad idea. I am addicted to coffee and don`t want to give it up.

My last meal of the solar year was some pasta I found here at the backpackers hostel I am currently staying in. I was hungry and didn`t want to spend any money. There was a package of alphabet letter shaped pasta which I cooked on the stove.

I didn`t add very much to this meal. I merely poured some oil on it. I don`t know what kind of oil it was. It was in a clear plastic bottle here at this hostel. There were some spices in the kitchen, but none which would have worked with pasta. I added a bit of black pepper and it tasted  very good like this. The previous day I had added onion salt. This did not work at all. The salt was overpowering and I had to throw it away. I am staying at a hostel on Mackay Street called Auberge L`Ă€pero. It is only $19 a night and includes breakfast. This is very vegan friendly environment. They have boxes of cereal with soy milk to eat. There are also several loaves of bread set out with peanut butter and jam.

In this traveler`s hostel there is free tea and coffee all day. It is instant coffee, but I will drink it anyway. I like saving money when I travel.

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